The secret to success is making a Start.

I dream, you dream we all dream of ice cream – well that’s the truth… everyone has a dream to do something in life - some people have more than others... Start a business, ride a bike, bake a cake or make heaps of cash - Some people live their dreams and some don’t. 

My open letter
"Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."

My Open Letter to you

My StartGoBig entrepreneurial journey has been made up of many ‘starts’ and dreams around building successful businesses and helping people along the way. The path has led to this point where I need to share some of my learnings with the world. The plan (dream) is to compile my insights around the various fundamentals involved in each phase: getting Started, start Going and going Big, into an entrepreneurial starter-kit that will act as a guide on your journey of achieving your dream, but let me start by giving you an overview of what StartGoBig is really all about.


Start – the point in time or space at which something has its origin.

And so they say this is often the hardest part of the equation? Why’s that? Well any adjustment to ones normal way or life or behavioural pattern could be unsettling, especially if you are making major changes in order to make your start. Don’t try plan or have everything in place from the get go, forget the 5 year plan on paper, you just need to start. Start small, minimise risk, prove to yourself that your dream has legs to grow, then worry about the next step.

Below is a sneak peak and introduction to the four ‘S-fundamentals’ in the Start phase.

Ideas: share, think and brainstorm as many ideas around your dream as possible, in the starting phase it’s important to think as big as you want – think of other possibilities that could lead off your ideas – open your vision and allow yourself to ideate. Remember just because you are thinking of so many ideas doesn’t mean you have to go do all of them – all you are doing is keeping your mind active around different aspects of your dream.

Skill: What’s your mojo? So you are working for someone else and making him or her rich – you want to use your skill to make money for yourself, good this is a great start. But maybe you need to learn or teach yourself something that will allow you to make the start towards living your dream? If you don’t have the tools you need yet - this needs to be your focus before anything else.

Time: As the saying goes 'hours in the saddle'. Making a start at anything requires a time investment - how much time do you have to attribute to your dream? What do you do if you don’t have time because your current job takes up all your time? Making sacrifices and planning your time in small bursts is vital in the starting phase.

Consider: There is always something to consider when starting something – in fact it’s probably the most important point in the starting phase? Do you need money to start your business? Do you need guidance? What do you need? You will need to write everything down on your white board before embarking on your journey.

Next up is the Go Phase >>



Go - move in order to engage in a specified activity or course of action.

This is where everything becomes real – as they say the ball has started rolling. You are in complete control of this ball… speed, direction and how fast the ball rolls along the way – the Go phase is all about controlling that pace and understanding yourself, everyone works and operates differently – learn your GO, own your GO and prepare yourself to GO Big.

Below is a sneak peak and introduction to the four ‘G-fundamentals’ in the Go phase.

Focus: True dedication, motivation and focus isn’t something you just decide to have, it absorbs you and consumes your thoughts every minute of the day. If you don’t have this you have to ask yourself Why? Why are you doing this? Why did you make the start, align your expectations with your focus.

Momentum: The hidden treasure to it all, once your ball is rolling it's important to see parts of your journey coming to life, run fast with everything positive and don’t get caught up in the negative.

Real: It’s all real – I always like to think of it as a baby learning to walk – every baby bumps their head, falls over but eventually they get there with no worries in the world. Dealing with all the ups and downs is part of the journey so prepare yourself for it like a baby learning to walk.

Grow: Be prepared to learn and grow from the world each and every day, don’t be scared of change and share and empower others to grow with you.


Big - doing a specified action very often or on a very large scale.

How Big’s your Big? You decide! Find some soft grass, lie down on it, spread your arms and legs out – take a deep breath and find some blue sky to focus on, block everything out, I mean everything – in seconds everything around you disappears, it will feel like you’re the only person on the planet!

Below is a sneak peak and introduction to the four ‘B-fundamentals’ in the Big phase.

Balance: There is a time and a place for balance, which is largely controlled by your priorities and the stage of your life that you are in. Accomplishment and financial security goes a long way to allowing yourself to work towards a more controlled and structured lifestyle – something you might not have thought possible through the S to G phase.

Innovate: Here today gone tomorrow, make innovation a part of your Big phase, always strive to do what you do better in a constructive and efficient manner.

Share: Deepen you knowledge by sharing, self-taught success makes for a great teacher and mentor – you’ll get more back from the world, more than you give.

Prosper: Being successful in something you are passionate about makes the fruit taste even sweeter – Live, Love and make a large effort to have a full life. 

What are you waiting for.



About me

So why me… Why am I writing this now, well why later?  I feel it’s time for SGB to also make a start, what’s the worst that could happen? The fact that you are reading this now means that my start has begun and the StartGoBig journey is ready to go, go as big as I dream it to be. 

Antonio Bruni

What’s next? Well SGB is going Big, I’ve stared at the blue sky and I’m ready! You’re welcome to join the ride, just pop your email in the contact form below and I'll be sure to share as I look deeper into the SGB-fundamentals. Feel free to ask any questions too.. I'm all about sharing :-)

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So you're a part of the select few who are determined to live their dream and Go Big (whatever your Big might be - you don't have to end up rich and famous to Go Big). I have started a number of businesses across a range of industries from hospitality to technology, some big, some small, some successful and some just not quite ready to go Big. I am excited to go on a journey to spread the know-how I have gained from my many starts. If you have any questions about the SGB-Fundamentals get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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